Dear Clients
There’s much I could tell you about Montreal’s top party band “REMIX ”  I could start with our 30 years of performing at tons of parties. I could shout about the individual achievements of our musicians. But that probably won’t mean much to you because you’ve seen that on every web site. The quality of our music will speak for itself. But, writing from the heart, there are some things I feel are important for you to know about us:

There’s something very special about this band. We see it every weekend in the beaming faces of our clients, when they come up to the bandstand at the end of their affair, bubbling over with thanks and praise. I often marvel at the response we inspire, and try to put my finger on what creates the magic… I think it’s a quality of Spirit.
There are other bands with great singers and musicians, but the joy is not there! “REMIX” is a joy machine. It’s always been my contention that you can put the best musicians in the world onstage and there’s no guarantee of a great party. The crucial difference is Spirit.

Let’s face it, there are some affairs where the people are so pumped up you could put a cassette deck in the middle of the dance floor, press play, and everyone will be up and dancing. We love that kind of crowd . Any band can look great under those circumstances. But most dance parties can go either way, and that’s where a great band like “REMIX” can make the crucial difference. Our spirit is contagious, and people respond to it!
I built my web site in the hope that you will GET IT. That our audio clips, and videos will give you a taste of how special we are. That you will see the TESTIMONIALS and be touched by the emotion in those words. That you’ll want to hear and see more.That you’ll make an appointment to see us and  BOOK REMIX for your special event before it’s to late…
REMIX is ready to create magic for you and your guests! Best
Biagio Bill Farina,